Sunday, January 10, 2010

Color Your Home

Bring Color in Your Home with Abstract Art by Sophia Lazarri

 Abstract art is a popular choice when choosing an artwork for one’s home. The way it attracts and draws attention to it makes it one of the best choices if you want to redecorate your home. However, being able to successfully use abstract art to brighten up your home involves more than going at an art gallery and picking up an abstract art. Careful planning and knowledge about abstract art is needed. You must be sure that the piece you would be getting would blend and fit nicely into your home.

The first thing that you should consider before pulling out your wallet and paying for
that art piece is the room that you would be redecorating. You need to take into consideration the color of the walls, the furniture that you would be using, even the rugs and carpets that would be in the same room as the painting. Based on your furniture, you would have a general idea on what kind of abstract art would be best. The artwork itself shouldn’t be larger than the furniture in order to create cohesion between the abstract art and the room.

So you have a general idea of the artwork you’d need. It’s time to hit the galleries. You can do this either online or offline. Online, there are a lot of sites that sell works of new, talented artists. Their works are relatively cheaper than the originals of the more well known painters, which makes it perfect if you are in a budget. Or, if you are really tightening your belt, you might want to settle for reprints. Reprints aren’t really that bad – they are usually superbly reproduced, though you’d notice upon careful look that it lacks the sharpness of the real thing. Nonetheless, they are still excellent replacements. By simply adding a good looking frame, these reprints are more than enough to be comparable to the real thing.

Once you have your abstract art of choice, there is the matter of hanging it. One of the best ways to draw attention to the abstract art is to place it on the wall that is directly facing the entrance to the room. This wall is also known as the focal wall and anyone entering the room would immediately be drawn towards the painting. This is the easiest way to make your visitors focus on the art piece that you have bought. Arrange it in such a way that it complements your furniture, further enhancing the abstract theme of the room. Provide ample space between the furniture and the artwork. Too close and it will look cramped while too much space in between will give the illusion of being bare. Once you’ve got the right combination, you have successfully renovated your room using abstract art.

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